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Amy Lowe

Retelling Stories Through Song: Students will select and retell a short story and learn how to turn the text into a song.

Through creating and performing they will understand how works of art are produced as they interpret, identify, and perform words that express the theme of the story. Students will be inspired to find the rhythm in the words, recognize, and write rhymes as well as sing, record, and listen back to their composition.

From Text to Lyric to Song:
Singer-songwriter Amy Lowe teaches the art of storytelling through song.

She introduces songwriting techniques as a tool for enhancing writing skills and reading comprehension.

  • Students are encouraged through creative group interaction to identify rhythm and rhyme, to write and tell stories, and turn them into lyric
  • Students will choose a rhyming scheme and learn about song form
  • Students will complete, perform, record, and listen back to their song

Amy combines elements of music, poetry, art, reading, writing, and performance to give students an inside look at what being a composer is all about. Topics and themes grow out of classroom studies, personal experience, fantasy, and environmental sights and sounds.


Sound, Art, and the Music of Words: Singer-songwriter/ Amy Lowe, inspires participants to explore the rhythm of words and learn how to add elements of music to text to create musical compositions.

Through creative group interaction, theater games, and music activities, participants will learn how to demonstrate simple rhythms through chant and body percussion that identifies the feeling and mood of a story. There will be plenty of opportunity to create and perform their original compositions with each other.

Amy Lowe

What People Are Saying About Amy Lowe's Workshops & Residencies

Amy Lowe
"Never have I seen students so excited about a song . . . Ms. Lowe's easy, gentle, and professional style of instruction left students with something of their own that they will carry with them for quite some time."

Richard Schlichting
Music/Fine Arts Coordinator, Blaine School

"Amy Lowe brings a wealth of intelligence and good taste to her work . . . She ranks at the top of her field."

Rebecca Goold
Assistant Director of Evaluation Urban Gateways

"What a wonderful speaker. This kind of creative, energetic speaker lifts the spirit and gives food for thought for taking some of my instruction and content to a new dimension. I loved it!"

Workshop Participant
Chandler-Gilbert Community College, Chandler Arizona

"Amy Lowe is an innovative and dynamic artist, infusing the residency participants with tremendous motivation and an appetite for the joys of learning."

Thelma L. Zillender
Teacher, Darwin Elementary School

"Thanks to Amy's exceptional combination of  music savvy and people-friendly educational  tools, we have developed an appreciation not only for the melody, lyric, and the beat, but also a genuine interest in learning how to use music to enrich our lives on a daily basis."

Cathy Ford Bisbing
Parent Mount Carmel Academy

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