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What Critics, Audience Members, and Reviewers Are Saying About Amy Lowe

Amy Lowe

Amy Lowe is a consummate performer,  polished and pure in her commitment . . . Her enthusiasm is inspiring."

Moira McCormick
Family Fun Magazine

"Amy Lowe is a talented songwriter with a definite bent for variety in her original material."

Dan Kenning
The Illinois Entertainer

"If you missed Amy Lowe and company you missed a fabulous show."

Aaron Capeland
Illinois Institute of Technology News

". . . Not only does Lowe draw on all the right contemporary sounds . . . but she cleverly uses them to illuminate the characters and situations."

Hedy Weiss
Chicago Sun-Times

Amy Lowe

"Amy Lowe has a wonderful way of telling a story with music that reaches people of all ages. She is a talented musician with a powerful yet sweet voice that can sing a song or tell a story with passion, poignancy, and feeling. She has the unique ability to reach into the soul of her subject and share it with her audience."

Marshall Trimble
Arizona State Historian
Award-winning Author and Storyteller

"Good storytelling with music made it fun to follow."

Audience Member
Chandler-Gilbert Community College, Arizona

"Outstanding! We were thoroughly captivated by Amy Lowe's performance."

Laura Kamedulski
Assistant Educator for School Programs, Chicago Historical Society

Amy Lowe

" I found Amy Lowe's combination of personal story, songs, and poetry enlightening, creative and one of the most moving experiences I have found in theater."

Dr. Arlene Crewdson
Executive Director, Pegasus Players

Reviews of Shows and Recordings:

Amy Lowe Performing
FIRE IN BOOMTOWN  is engaging, entertaining, and educational."

Illinois Entertainer

"THE JOURNEY OF ESTEVANICO (a.k.a.) VOICES OF ARIZONIA: Mucho social implication. As a Catholic-Native American, I've struggled with gold and spirit. The performance was great . . . pure romance . . . I loved the rhythm and the movement."

Audience Member
Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Chandler Arizona

Amy gets her gum and sings about it

August 16, 2007


Amy Lowe's not ashamed to admit she has a fondness for gum. The Chicago songwriter even sings about it in her Parents' Choice Award-winning album, "I Like Gum." Her crystalline voice, honesty and clever original songs are a few of the reasons why families look forward to Lowe's performances. She will share her musical wit and wisdom, backed by guitarist Dave Katzman,  at Jewett Park,  Deerfield.

Lowe's selections will include a silly song called "Lickety Split" which she said is about "a character that lives in a land far away where everything is made out of feet." Despite its playful title, Lowe's "Miles Be-Boppin Hoppin" has a serious message. It's about "how sometimes being different can actually be a way to lead people to a new way of looking at life," she said. » Click to enlarge image

Amy Lowe, a Chicago singer-songwriter, brings her silly songs for kids to Deerfield. Lowe, who has a diverse career, declared that she enjoys performing for family audiences because "I love the energy of all ages. Kids are so honest and adults appreciate the joy and humor."


"I LIKE GUM: Her laughing voice is well suited to this material. A mixture of original songs that highlight environmental awareness, neighborhood diversity, and the ability of every child to make her or his own music. The words are easy to understand and the unusual sound effects particularly on Haunted House are very well done."


"I LIKE GUM: Those are very self-affirming songs that do not talk down to children, rather, the songs engage every child's natural sense of humor and pleasure in the absurdities, mishaps, and broken rules. I particularly like the strong narrative and quality in these songs."

Bonnie E. Litowitz, Ph D.
Department of Psychiatry, Rush Medical School

"I LIKE GUM: Simple pleasures can be pleasant indeed as exemplified in this sweet unassuming acoustic album from Chicago singer songwriter Amy Lowe. Lowe encourages kids to tune in to life's little moments and to find music in the sizzle of bacon on the stove as well as the sound of running water and does so with charm and appeal."

Family Magazine

Amy Lowe

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